Ergoinstall Services

Installing and integrating technology  ergonomically is our specialty!
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Hospitals, clinics, ambulances, mobile clinics, doctors, and dentists offices

We provide turnkey installation and integration, including cable management, for mobile and ergonomic solutions. Our installation teams are familiar with the ebbs and flows of the medical environment and are sensitive to all concerns while completing the job. We work closely with IT personnel to ensure a seamless installation of products, allowing the IT department to focus on the more technical aspects of the job while we mount the devices and connect them to the network. We also are a reseller and bespoke manufacturer for mobility and ergonomic solutions that will meet your custom requirements.

Trading Floors & Offices

Trading floors, offices, and all types of call/customer service centers

We have experience installing trading floor multiple monitor solutions for many of the largest banks in the world. Our installation team mounts and integrates all ergonomic mounting systems, including cable management. We work closely with IT personnel to ensure a seamless installation. IT personnel are free to focus on software, server, and networking issues, while we handle all the physical aspects of mounting and integrating hardware including cable management. The end result is a neat, ergonomically-optimized atmosphere serving the user's preference.  We are present on the "go live" day to ensure that all systems are working to the user's satisfaction.

Relocation Services

Our installation team can assist your facilities and IT departments to plan and re-configure floor moves and changes. We will uninstall and remove workstations and hardware, and reinstall based on your new floor layouts.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Your customers will enjoy the optimal ergonomic performance of your products when we install them correctly. More than half of our work volume is representing manufacturers and suppliers. We can install your products for you, and you can have the peace of mind that your customers will be satisfied to the last detail. Our prices are very affordable, allowing you to create another profit center along with the sale of your products. This can be done on a referral basis, or we can represent you as a subcontractor.

Consulting Services

Invite us to your site and we can give you unbiased advice on what you need. By talking with your employees we can access and establish the best solutions for all your ergonomic mounting and mobile needs. We have a comprehensive overarching perspective of our market and can recommend and  the best products for your needs and budget.


We offer maintenance and repair services for ergonomic mounting systems, mobile IT carts, mobile dispensers, and anything else that we install.  We can provide you maintenance services on an "as needed" basis, or by a preventative yearly contract.  Many times, if equipment is damaged it gets thrown out because no one knows how to fix it or where to buy spare parts. We bridge the gap between you and the supplier by assessing the problem, then ordering and installing the spare parts.

Hotels and Residential

We install HDTVs, multi-monitor arms, and flat packed furniture.  Give us a call to schedule one of our technicians to visit.